We are here to educate and inspire girls & women about technology

If you want to learn about technology, or you have experience and want to share it - you are one of us!
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Building a community for women to strengthen their ability to excel in the technology industry

Learning opportunities

Providing learning opportunities for women to develop digital skills to thrive in the 21st century


Connecting volunteers to promote more gender inclusion in the technology industry 

About Us

Riga TechGirls is the first community in Latvia dedicated to educating and inspiring girls & women about technology.

We love technology and are passionate about the contribution women can make for technology field.

When girls develop digital skills, they are empowered to become architects of the future.  



Challenge yourself to learn new skills by joining one of our workshops for beginners, see upcoming events here.


Develop leadership skills by volunteering to teach or mentor at #RTGWorkshop! Reach out to workshop organizers for this possibility.


Empower & inspire other women by sharing your knowledge & experience - be a speaker for #RTGMeetup! Reach out to meetup organizers for this possibility.


Laurel Freyja

Co-founder, Next Generation Learning

Alina Karpelceva

Co-founder, Workshop lead

Elīna Sundukova

Co-founder, Workshop lead

Core Team

Anna Andersone

CEO, mentor, board member

Alise Dīrika

Board member

Irina Gaņeviča

Branding, design

Marina Petrakova

Workshops, hackathons, mentor

Līna Sarma

Hackathons, workshops

Aiva Staņēviča

Meetups, Students

Diāna Butina


Evita Lune

Blog writer

Tatjana Riblova

Community manager, mentor

Elina Kresa

PR, Workshops

Baiba Lauva

Social media

Inta Bušinska

Marketing, design

Anna Haywood

Events, partners


Veronika Suhareva

Blog writer & editor

Julija Melnika

Internal management


Inta Kriškāne


Edīte Millere

Community manager

Anna Kazaka

Workshop lead

Liene Ķipēna


Gytautas Pilkauskas

Workshop lead

Mārtiņš Giberts

Workshop mentor

Nika Aleksejeva

Workshop lead

Dana Ludviga

Workshop lead

Kristiana Muze-Feldberga

Workshop lead


Workshop lead

Betija Ulme


Dinesh Chowdary Vajja




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